DAVOS 2015

Seehof Davos

 Davos 2015 e-brochure

The Centre’s popular global employee equity forum will take place in the four-star hotel Seehof on Thursday February 5 and Friday February 6 2015. This two-day global event highlights the latest developments in international employee equity, including: a review of how executive equity reward packages are being changed under governmental and shareholder pressures; case studies about international plans in action; employee benefit trusts, highlighting the new challenges for offshore trusts; how the proposed crackdown on international tax avoidance will affect share schemes; mobility of key employees; the Common Reporting Standard & OECD; plan administration techniques; corporate governance issues in the EU and USA; cross-border taxation; trustee updates and the ever popular delegate debate.


For more information and to book tickets please visit the Davos 2015 event page